Guardianship a Daughter's Journal

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Memoir, Law, Elder, Family

Ingram Paperback

isbn 978-1-7320631-2-9

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212 pages

This experience could happen to your parent, grandparent or any family member.

    A nonfiction narrative conveying the importance of a Power of Attorney, and the consequences if one does not have a secondary plan. Dad revoked his PoA and then he started to misbehave.  

    Strangers asked to share her story with their patients and clients. This book is both poignant and truthful about a dilemma many families face or will in the future.            

     Timeless account through the system of court evaluations, required notices, authorizations, consents, waivers, motions, petitions, and docs with an inexperienced counsel's errors and missed deadlines.              

    Her sense of humor follows the dialog of legal difficulties while her father and his buddies add amusing situations. Pamela hopes to help others avoid their many mistakes in the extensive judicial procedures of Elder Adult Guardianship.        


Pamela is not a professional, only one  of 

76 million baby boomers encouraging sons, daughters, friends and neighbors to begin a discussion.  

Raised in the sunshine state, Pamela and her hubby enjoy travel, photography and chatting about options to help others avoid their nightmare.